Why, hello…

I’m Sarah Curry,  a dietitian (only registered in the States currently) and soon-to-be ACSM-certified personal trainer.  I’m also a wife, and a mom to three, and a believer.

This blog is a place to sort out my thoughts and experiences with nutrition.  In almost 15 years as a dietitian I have seen a lot of damage done by dieting- physically, mentally and spiritually. Chasing health and thinness steals our time, our money, our well-being, and our affections.  We also need to steward the body God has given us.  It’s both.  This space is fleshing out what “it’s both” looks like.

The Bible doesn’t tell us how many veggies to eat, but I don’t think that means God is silent on our desire for flat abs either.

Nutrition Background

I worked in the foods lab teaching Food Science and Nutrition & Metabolism to undergraduates while studying for my Master’s in Nutrition Science.  In my spare time, I had the privilege of running a cooking class for teens with mental disability.  Still my favourite role to date.

Once I completed my graduate degree, I moved to California.  There I worked as an adjunct professor in nutrition and clinically looked after the ICU and diabetes units at Olive View-UCLA Medical Center.  I moved from clinical to outpatient care specialising in medical nutrition therapy for Diabetes and gastrointestinal disorders from Celiac to IBS.

While living in Los Angeles my heart for people silently battling eating disorders grew.  I had the enormous privilege of mentoring at the Carolyn Costin Institute as I starting towards specialising in Eating Disorders.  It was early in this process that I moved to Northern Ireland and stopped dietetics to (literally) grow our family.

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