In my last post, I mentioned it was important to make talking about eating healthy fun.  I know, that’s not the easiest task, but here is a list of 15 books for various age groups that will be great conversation starters and can make talking about healthy eating less of a chore (for the both of you)…

  1. The Magic School Bus: Adventures in the Food Chain
  2. Creative food experiences for children
  3. The Very Hungry Caterpillar
  4. Don’t Forget the Oatmeal!
  5.  Food Rules!
  6. Milk and Cookies
  7. Bread and Jam for Frances
  8. Just Shopping with Mom
  9. The Magic School Bus inside the human body
  10. No carrots for Harry!
  11.  Button Soup
  12. Bugs Bunny and the Health Hog
  13. Gregory, the Terrible Eater
  14. Green Eggs & Ham
  15. The Peanut Butter Jam



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